I have recently found myself in a position to define what I do and explain why it rocks. This is so much easier on paper. 
What I do is nebulous and magical at worst, and persuasively curious and distinct at best. By virtue of the range of services I am able to provide, I am one of the few digital alchemists you should even consider to establish and manage your brand. I drive decision makers in such a gentle way, they don't even know they are being driven.

What follows are the reasons you should hire me, IF you believe in the power of social and traditional media all turbo-pumped with resources, tenacity and cunning that, I promise you, nobody else brings to the table. 

Check it out. I'm giving you a bunch of ways to do your diligence. Google me: Moe Masters (moemasters,) Maureen Theresa Masters or o'mercy boots, or The Daily Koz or my Klout scores. It's going to take a sec, so I'd get a drink and settle in. I've been here, stirring things up, since the AS400 was brand spanking new with my fingerprints are all over the glass.

I was born in a publishing house, literally. I have been groomed in proofing, editing, contract copy-writing, brand establishment, marketing and social media, with an Old-School sensibility and drive.

I've been working in print since I was 10. I began publishing when I was 14 and I have consistently worked for mid-size dailies (The Wichita Eagle) to global monthly/weekly print magazines (Aerocom Internation, AvData) to print and digital concerns that have evaporated overnight.

Me and social media go back about 15 years and I have since become proficient in facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and Google+. I build campaigns to increase visibility, improve rankings and demonstrate positive metric results (Improved SEO.) I make it so people selling can be found by people buying.

The following is an abbreviated laundry list of what I have done and can completely remember. (*As of nearly 2 years ago, many more samples can be had upon request, now.)

I have included no traditional media links, but worth noting is the event planning, management, promotion and analysis that went into many of these campaigns. I am equally proficient in traditional and digital media. I write a mean press release and am able to produce authentic advertisements and graphics. I understand the immediacy of the medium and am able to deliver fresh content and organic copy that aptly reflects the clients voice and meets objectives.

Molino's Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Against all odds and uphill digital roads, most of the way, I have grown this brand from the ground up. Zero fans to almost 1000 in 3 months. (*Update - Grown from to 10,500 in under 3 years; Engagement at 20K+ daily.)

Beautiful Day Cafe

Beautiful Day Cafe:
(started Nov 1st with 0 (AND a year away from actual opening date. Campaign established for brand recognition and anticipation) Currently 469 Fans. (*Update: Grown to 2500+ in 2 years)

the Douglas Design District 

Feb. 2011 to Dec. 2013 (Increased visibility by 1800% over 18 month period) increasing engagement and fan base, executed and analyzed 6 civic events, campaigned/archived membership, generated promotional copy, maintained all traditional and digital copy writing, editing, management. Brokered successful grants aimed toward public art and recruited members while building community.

spot peavey

Established "Puppet" profile thorough a sassy cat named Spot Peavey who has close to 4000 engaged and global friends. Began as a counter intelligence tool for the first Obama campaign and has morphed into a useful marketing and research/development tool for whomever I am being paid to work for. He represents 48 countries and he uses his power judiciously.

moe masters began as a public profile, several years ago and now has a strong and loyal following from around the world generates a lot of organic hits and shares. I market as an editor, copy writer and digital alchemist. I build community and strong, long-term brand loyalty.

o'mercy boots

Worked O'Mercy Boots as a brick and mortar from 1983 until 7 years ago, when I took it digital. The growth has been exponential and allowed me to please the muses while paying bills.

I have worked Google + for a couple years to good effect. It's a slow grower. I'm optimistic.

Limited Digital Image Profiles, more upon request:

Blog Samples:
(Written for my grandchildren)

This is a lot to process, I know. There's probably more I haven't thought of yet. But, this is a good starter kit. Hollar at me if there's anything more I can clear up or add.
Y'know, I was also instrumental in bringing the first ISP into the state of KS.
And, I ran an independent research consultancy for a decade or so.
But, that was a long time ago.


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